IRCTC e-ticketing website now predicts if your waitlisted ticket will be confirmed

IRCTC next-generation e-ticketing website has been revamped and now has one of the coolest features for waitlisted and RAC ticket holders! Indian Railways catering arm, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), has effective today launched a new version of its e-ticketing website, Now, when you enter the IRCTC website, a beta version is available for trial by passengers on the top left hand corner of the site. The new revamped IRCTC website has several new passenger friendly measures – from no requirement of login to check train status and availability of tickets to an easier user interface. But, one particular feature that stands out is a new software that allows passengers to see the probability of their waitlisted or RAC ticket getting confirmed. Developed by CRIS (Centre For Railway Information Systems), the new software for waitlisted passengers makes use of historical data to come up with a percentage probability of the ticket getting confirmed.

Talking to Financial Express Online, a railway official said that the new software for waitlisted passengers was reasonably accurate. “Other portals also offer a similar feature, but since Indian Railways has more data and accurate at that, our software is more on target,” the official said. “The new software on the IRCTC website for waitlisted passengers makes use of two years of data to come up with a parentage chance of the ticket getting confirmed,” the official told FE Online. “For example if you are booking a train ticket for the Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express on May 31, then the software will fetch historical data for the last two years for that particular date. The system will check to what extent did the waitlisted tickets get confirmed on May 31, 2017 and May 31, 2016. Based on this and other data trends, a percentage probability will be generated,” the official further explained.

Not only that, the new feature for waitlisted passengers also generates other available train options along with alternate dates of departure (see image above). According to the railway official quoted above, this new system by IRCTC also allows passengers to make a more informed choice. “For example, if data suggests that there is a 95% chance of the ticket getting confirmed, then the passenger is likely to book the ticket and not opt for VIKALP either. If on the other hand, there is a 60% chance of the ticket getting confirmed, then the passenger will most probably opt for an alternate train or date, or even if he/she goes ahead with the booking, will likely choose the VIKALP scheme as well,” the official elaborates.

The new IRCTC website also has an enhanced VIKALP scheme feature that allows passengers to opt for trains on the previous day of the chosen departure date as well. Earlier, VIKALP scheme offered alternate trains on the same day of the chosen train’s departure date or the next day, the official added.

IRCTC next-generation e-ticketing website revamp is a welcome step for passengers but the extent of its enhanced efficiency and user-friendliness will only be known once users share feedback.

Source by:-financialexpress