The iPhone X is now available for pre-order

The iPhone X, the device TechCrunch is calling Apple’s best iPhone ever, is now available for pre-order.

In case you’ve spent the last month living under a rock and missed the news — not to mention our review — the device represents quite a departure for Apple.

For one thing, it priced from $1,000. Yes, that’s the entry-level cost.

Design-wise there is much new for Apple, too. The iPhone X discards the home button in favor of an all-screen front. Rather than Touch ID, it comes with Face ID, a new security system that scans the owner’s face. Apple claims it is even more secure than using a person’s fingerprint.

Availability is likely to be scarce — even more so if you read to the end of this post — but those seeking pre-order can do so as of now on the Apple site.

Initial shipment dates for those who have been successful appear to be 2-3 weeks, but, if you think you can take on the crowd, the phone will be available from November 3 in stores in the following countries:

Source by:-techcrunch